Jewelry Making Tutorials

I’m starting this blog because I have a passion for making jewelry. It’s funny, I don’t really care to wear a lot of jewelry. My style is very simple, gold hoop earrings, simple gold necklace with a diamond heart pendant my husband gave me when we were dating, and my wedding ring. That’s all I need or want.

But, I love how jewelry looks.

I love that there are shiny pieces and earthy pieces. I love that there are so many different styles. I love all the metals, gold, silver, and copper. But what I love most of all is that you can make something beautiful with just your hands, some metal, some stones, and a few tools.

I’m a maker. Maybe you can call me an artist too. And I guess I also want to be a teacher. Whatever I am, I love jewelry making!

So, I decided to start this site along side a YouTube channel where I will post jewelry-making tutorials.

Here on this site I will link to the video tutorials. I’m also considering making PDFs outlining the process, it will depend on how hard and time consuming they are to make. So, that part is still up in the air.

My plan is to make a new item each week, thus have a new post and video weekly. It may be slowed by the holidays, but hopefully not. I already have a list of items I want to make, so I should be able to stick to a schedule. We’ll see how much time it takes to edit videos, haha!

Do you think I need to have my nails done? Is that something I should consider important when making videos that show mostly my hands? Let me know in the comments what you think.

Anyway, that’s my opening post. See you in about a week or so!


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